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LS1021A NAND driver does not support raw read/write operations

Question asked by Kees Trommel on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Kees Trommel

The LS1021A Linux NAND driver provided with the QorIQ Linux SDK 2.0 does not provide raw read/write operations. E.g. the following command does not return the page data with bit flips but with the bit flips corrected:


nanddump -n -o -s 0 -l 4096 -f /tmp/page0-oob /dev/mtd1


and the following command re-calculates the ECCs in the OOB rather than writing the OOB provided in the file page0-oob-8f:


nandwrite -n -o -s 0x2ff000 /dev/mtd1 page0-oob-8f


Note: page0-oob-8f is page0-oob of the nanddump command but with 8 bit flips edited by an hex editor.