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LPC1857 SPIFI support MX25L51245G?

Question asked by Bill Sheng on Nov 16, 2016

Currently, we're using Spansion S25FL256S(256Mbit) via LPC1857 SPIFI interface.

We are going to use a 512Mbit QSPI flash, unfortunately, S25FL512 has no WSON-8 footprint.

We found MXIC MX25L51245G has pin compatible one with WSON-8 footprint.

We changed the flash loader memory setup, with IAR J-Link, there just reported error without additional information.

With DFUSec tool, there reported PROGRAM CYCLE ERROR, details log are in the attachment.

I'm wondering that whether LPC1857 SPIFI support MX25L51245G.

Looking forward to get some confirmation from NXP.


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