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Sensor fusion V7.0 8g settings

Question asked by kayathri M on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2017 by kayathri M

Hi all,


We are using Custom board KL46 with the sensor Compass FXOS8700CQ and gyroscope FXAS21002 integrated into it. Sensor fusion V7.0 is running on our custom board. Our application requires +-8g range.

Below are the changes made in existing V7.0 configuration.

FXOS8700_XYZ_DATA_CFG=0x02 (fs=10)

FXOS8700_CTRL_REG1=0x09 (lnoise =0)

FXOS8700_CTRL_REG2=0x02 (mods=10 high resolution) 


We are confused with the data sheet

"High resolution is achieved by setting the lnoise bit in register 0x2A. This improves the resolution (by lowering the noise), but be aware that the dynamic range becomes fixed at ±4 g when this bit is set. This will affect all internal embedded functions (scaling of thresholds,etc.) and reduce noise. Another method for improving the resolution of the data is through oversampling. One of the oversampling schemes of the output data can be activated when CTRL_REG2[mods] = 0b10 which will improve the resolution of the output data without affecting the internal embedded functions or fixing the dynamic range.

When CTRL_REG2[mods] = 0b10, the lowest power is achieved, at the expense of higher noise."


With the same register setting CTRL_REG2[mods] = 0b10  high resolution is mentioned.



We need the correct register setting for 8g. please guide me if my register setting is correct.