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iMX6UL USB over current functionality

Question asked by Hans J Petersen on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Ross Mcluckie

Using the iMX6UL as a USB host controller, with an external power switch with over current status.

If I wire the OC status to a iMX6UL OC pin (as described in table 54-1 of the iMX6UL Reference Manual). Will there be any HW dependencies when a OC situation occurs:

1: Activating the OC input, will the USB data transfer be interrupted?

2: Will the OC input by any means directly control the PWR output?

I am thinking of any HW links between functions of the USB block.

A lot of reference designs are using any other GPIO pin for OC status, which I assume requires the USB driver to be adapted to that. But as the Reference Manual lists a number of dedicated pins for OC status, I'm wondering if the chip itself has any HW functionality for handling OC situations.