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ColdFire_Lite_DEMO and create_freescale_task() problem, but not with precompiled binary

Discussion created by Michal Dvorak on Jul 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2008 by Michal Dvorak

 I have a problem with ColdFire_Lite_DEMO project using InterNiche which is included in M52233DEMO kit. There is project directory with several targets (Web server, TCP/UDP client/server ...). I am using CW 7.0, there is no problem to compile it. There is also precompiled binary S-file called M52233DEMO_Board_Flash_Image_s19.s19. If I download it to board, there is web server running.
 I assumed, that this precompiled S-file should has the same behavior as Web server target from demo project directory. But it is not. There is problem with tasks created by create_freescale_task() which has NET_PRIORITY priority and does not work correctly - when in sleeping state consume most of the time of system and the rest of tasks (e.g. console) is almost frozen. When new tasks goes back to ready state (in web server case keep-alive expires), everything is OK again.
 It's look like that it's sensitive to priority of new tasks even the fact that I found in documentation that priority is not used when creating new tasks.
 I did not make any changes to project and targets.

 Does anybody have similar problem?

 thank you, Michal