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Mars Board booting from eMMC

Question asked by Arun Kumar on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Grace Wang

Hi all,
We are using the Mars board (i.MX6 Dual) for evaluation purpose using the android SDK.
We are able to flash the u-boot binary on SPI-NOR flash and Kernel and rootFS on eMMC partitions, using the MFG tool provided.
We are able to boot the Mars board using the above procedure.


However, we are trying to boot the u-boot binary from the eMMC (tried both on user partition and boot partition).
But the Mars board is not booted from the eMMC.


Note: We erased the u-boot binary present in the SPI-NOR flash.
Still, the board is not booted from the eMMC memory.


User Manual : MarS Board User Manual_V1.1.pdf
MFG tool used : Mfgtools-Rel-12.04.01_ER_MX6Q_UPDATER


Please inform the procedure to boot the Mars board from the eMMC.