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MISO and MOSI short circuit with a diode. - MC9S08GB60

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I have to interface a MC9S08GB60 to a ADF7021. The ADF7021 has only one pin for the TxRxDATA and one pin for the TxRxClock that specify the data rate. I would like to use the SPI interface of the uC. Could I short circuit the MISO and MOSI pin of the uC and use it as a slave? When the ADF is in transmit mode TxRxData is an input while when it is in receive mode, the TxRxData is an output.
Analog Device suggest

uC ADF7020
| /|
MISO--->|/ |-------- TxRxData
|\ | |
| \| |


do you think it could be work?

thank you in advance

The paint is not clear due to formatting.
if you want, you could see on page 46 of
don't see SPI mode because there are other problems with the datarata.

If I can't insert extern link, excuse me.

Update: could I use SISO?
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