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Bootloader and Micro-Programmer

Question asked by Briceag Bebe-Cosmin on Nov 14, 2016
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I woud start a long discussion about bootloaders and micro-programmers if you have time to listen me.(or maybe said, reading me ) I would really appreciate.

I want to start a project using one of the ARM-Cortex-M0 plus microcontrollers, more exactly MKL46Z. The aim of the project is to familiarize myseft with the these technologies.

Let's say i want to develop an application which is mapped as follows:

1.One section in which will reside the bootloader (system initialization, and other processor dependent stuffs)

2.One section in which will reside a micro-programmer (able to load itself in RAM and erase/program the entire flash memory)

3.One section meant for parameters of the application ( in other words, calibration)

4.The last section , the application itself.

I want to be able to erase/program entire flash using the UART module.

Now, I would expose my knowledge about this type of application and then I would ask you to say what I missed.


So, in order to have these sections , I would start to define them in the Linker Script.

Then, I would write the routines able to gratify the needs of the application.

My concern  is about that micro-programmer, which should be able to load itself (or by other program) in RAM and starting to execute from there.

I will present a scenario:

1.Reset ----->Bootloader

                           ---->Wait two seconds (or less) and check for a programming request

                          ----->If yes, load the micro-programmer in RAM and start erasing/programming

                          ----->If no, jump to application.

How can I move that micro-programmer from FLASH to RAM ?. I know about _ram_func directive but i do not know how exactly does it work. If I declare a function with this directive, is it automaticaly uploaded in RAM during startup? (if yes, i do not want it) or it makes space for future relocation ?



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