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KSDK2.0 fsl_rcm.h error in rcm_reset_source_t

Question asked by manfredschnell on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by guylejeune



we use KSDK2.0 with K64.


I think file "fsl_rcm.h" contains a typo error.

In "typedef enum _rcm_reset_source" the enumerated type "RCM_SourceSw" is wrong.


It is defined with

    kRCM_SourceSw = RCM_SRS1_SW_MASK, /*!< Software reset */


and it should be:

    kRCM_SourceSw = RCM_SRS1_SW_MASK << 8, /*!< Software reset */


like all the other "RCM_SRS1" bits.


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