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DMA with SPI on KL25z with mlx camera

Question asked by mahieu lucas on Nov 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Kerry Zhou


I try to make a communication between the spi of kl25z and  mlx camera.

I have to get the data thanks to DMA.


With oscilloscope I succeed to see that I send the right command byte to the mlx.


I receive some data from the mlx, but I don't succeed to get it. 


Can you look at my dam_init, because the software is blocking on the "enable_irq(INT_DMA0 - 16);" fonction call.


void dma_init(void){

// Enable clocks


// Config DMA Mux for ADC operation
// Disable DMA Mux channel first
DMAMUX0_CHCFG0 = 0x00;


// Configure DMA
DMA_SAR0 = (uint32_t) &SPI0_D;
DMA_DAR0 = (uint32_t) spi_rdata;
DMA_DSR_BCR0 = DMA_DSR_BCR_BCR(3); // transfert de 3 octets via le DMA


DMA_DCR0 |= (DMA_DCR_EINT_MASK| // Enable interrupt
DMA_DCR_ERQ_MASK | // Enable peripheral request
DMA_DCR_SSIZE(1) | // Set source size to 8 bits
DMA_DCR_DINC_MASK| // Set increments to destination address
DMA_DCR_DSIZE(1)); // Set destination size of 8 bits 


// Enable DMA channel and source
DMAMUX0_CHCFG0 |= DMAMUX_CHCFG_ENBL_MASK | DMAMUX_CHCFG_SOURCE(16); // Enable DMA channel and set SPI0 receive as source cf doc KL25P80M48SF0RM.pdf p64-65


// Enable interrupt
enable_irq(INT_DMA0 - 16);


thanks in advance