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SPI1 configuration problem on MKM34Z256xxx7

Question asked by Sam Dexter on Nov 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Sam Dexter

It seems that SPI1 PTI0 ALT4 (SPI1_MISO) and PTI1 ALT4 (SPI1_MOSI) do not work on MKM34Z256xxx7.

The lines stay low during communication attempt, however, PTH6 ALT3 (SPI1_PCS0)) and PTH7 ALT3

(SPI1_CLK) function properly. Switching PTI pins to ALT5 make them to work as required, except for the

swapped functionality (MISO <-> MOSI).


Tested on a custom board and on MKM34Z7 tower board. Is it a bug on a silicon or I am doing something



Can anybody confirm, please?