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Question asked by Enzo Guerra on Nov 13, 2016


planning to use CRC values to check messages sent between devices on a rs485 network(between master and slaves).

master device will send a message consisting of a number of bytes to a slave, one of the bytes will be a CRC value calculated for that message.  slave then calculates a CRC value of the message and compares it with the message's CRC value.

my question is: how is the LPC824 CRC8 function calculated?

i found a few CRC function source codes (one using arrays) and it seems the outputs are different.  a LPC824 will be used as a slave, its CRC calculation may not match the master's calculated CRC value.

is there source code for the CRC8 function available to review?

i could just compile a CRC function with the LPC824, but prefer is use the built-in function, it would save some space in flash.