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K64 - How to debug an ENET issue

Question asked by joe hinkle on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2016 by joe hinkle

I'm running a test on my K64 with FreeRtos TCP stack - I wrote the K64 driver.


I have the K64 receiving UDP packets -- 16 packet bursts every 50 milliseconds.


It works great for 15 to 20 minutes and then the ENET just stops receiving packets -- its dead.


I've checked all the receive buffers and there all empty and available for use.


The only error I saw (looking in the EIR register) was a Recv Babbling error.


The physical is still blinking so it appears it is still working.


I checked register RCR and the GRS flag is set.  (Graceful Receive Stop).


I must be getting old because I read the K64 documentation on Graceful receive stop and it says software or hardware can set it -- there by stopping all reception.  -- Set when MAC is in STOP mode or hardware Freeze mode.


I have debug enabled in the ENET so I suspect this flag gets set when I pause execution as an indication that the ENET has also paused.


If THIS is my issue -- please let me know.


Other than that -- the ENET behaves as if it is no longer receiving MMI data.


How does one debug to see if there is still MMI data coming into the ENET?


How does one debug to make sure the physical has not stopped working and THAT is the issue?


Any insights or comments - please share.