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How to configure TBI for eTSEC2 (TWR-LS1021A)

Question asked by Romit Chatterjee on Nov 11, 2016
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I am writing an Ethernet device driver for the LS1021A Tower board, running a custom OS. The documentation says that to enable TBI for any port other than eTSEC1, the MIIM register base address has to be changed accordingly. My question is is this valid only for the eTSEC_MDIO_MIIMCFG register, or all MIIM registers (e.g. eTSEC_MDIO_MIIMCOM)? For example, if I enable TBI for eTSEC2, eTSEC_MDIO_MIIMCFG register address to be used will 2D2_5520 (instead of eTSEC1's 2D2_4520), but eTSEC_MDIO_MIIMCOM register address to be used will be 2D2_4524 or 2D2_5524?


Some help please?