Florentin von Frankenberg

mc9s12dt256 serial comm issue

Discussion created by Florentin von Frankenberg on Jul 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2008 by Florentin von Frankenberg
I am trying to control another device with my hcs12 microcontroller using the serial port. The command I wish to send to the other device is
"P BE 2"    followed by the return key
Using hyperterminal, I can send this command and the device responds as expected. However, when I programmed my hcs12 to send the following code,
            byte RequestMsg[9] = {'P',' ','B','E',' ','2','\r','\n',0};
using the SendBlock, the other device does not respond.  I have tried using only a carriage return, only a line feed, and various other ascii symbols, to no avail. When I send the block to hyperterminal, the output is predictably, "P BE 2" 
Any ideas about the source of my problem are greatly appreciated