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Reading Microchip EEPROM (serial/SSP/microwire)

Question asked by pszemol pszemol on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by jeremyzhou

I can use some help, guys...


I am interfacing LPC1788/LPC4088 cpu to a 1kbit Microchip serial EEPROM (93C46B).


I see the SSP controller can be configured to work in the "microwire" mode... cool.

How do I transmit 9 bits to the EEPROM to issue its READ command?


EEPROM datasheet requires me to send 1 as a start bit then the READ opcode '10' (2 bits) and then A5..A0 bits of address (total of 9 bits) and then 16 clocks to allow the slave chip to output 16 bits of data.


Check out page 5 of


How do I configure the SSP in cpu for such operation?

Do I set Control Register's DSS bits to 9 bits transfer? 16 bits transfer?


Any other way to make this CPU and this EEPROM talk without bit-banging on gpios?

Anybody with a clue? :-)