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BSPCloningWizard Java error

Question asked by Carl Norman on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2016 by Carl Norman

Hi All,


I have spent three hours trying to fix this issue and cannot work it out. I have windows 7 64bit and get this error when i try to run the cloning wizard



Java is enabled, I have completely uninstalled it twice, same with MQX4.2, still no luck.


I have another machine that it works fine on, and it use to work fine on this machine until I rebuilt it a couple weeks ago.



I have recently installed KDS, but normally use CW10.7. Everything else on this computer works fine.


I did find another post with a similar issue and he said he found a 32bit version java and that fixed it, but i think the ini file tells it to use x86 so it might be an old post.