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How to build a NFC P2P app for lpcxpresso lpc1769 + PNEV512B without using the OS?

Question asked by Duy Ngo on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Kan_Li



I am trying to build an application based on lpcxpresso lpc1769 + PNEV512B.

I need nfc p2p functionality and I refer to nfc reader library.

But the example code is implemented using freeRTOS components . (In library document, it also show the diagram for OS based application)

I don't need the OS and I need as much memory as possible for my application.

Is it possible to use this library to build p2p application without the OS components?

If yes, could you guys suggest me the SW sequence?


Thank you.


Ps: I tried to disable the #define  NXPBUILD__PH_OSAL_FREERTOS in ph_NxBuild_App.h but it caused the build broken.