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Clicking on Inbox Items Does Nothing

Question asked by TomE on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by TomE

I'm looking at my NXP Inbox. That's the page that pops up when I click on the blue button with the white bell on it. I can't see how that's a "Mailbox", but under there it gives options of "Inbox", "Your View" and "Actions", so I guess it's an "Alerting" page.


So I've got an list of items in there, like "Nefi Armelim how can I decrease  the consumption in ModeStop?:".


Fine, but where is that item, and who is Nefi? Clicking on the Subject SHOULD take me to the item in the Space it was wrongly posted in (Nefi posted a Coldfire question in the "Using NXP Community" space), but clicking the subject doesn't do anything. Clicking on the Name should take me to the user's page, where I can find the Activity, but that doesn't do anything either. Well it does do something - it marks the item as "Read", greys it out and greys out the "Blue Ball" on the left of each item.


So is it a Firefox problem? No, because Internet Explorer gives exactly the same results.


Is this a bug or am I missing some "feature" somewhere I have to click or right-mouse-click on?