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Interrupt handling of Library software

Question asked by 悟 三輪 on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by 悟 三輪

Hi Christian san,


Very sorry to ask too basic question to you but please let me to receive the data form PN5180?

Library software is too sophisticated for me to fully understand by myself. I think the command/data is sent by using some kinds of Read(Write)Registe function such as instr_Read(Write)Register, Rad(Write)RegisterAndMask, etc which call LpcOpenSpi_Exchange function.


My question is;

(1) It looks there are two methods to get data:One is using  phhalHw_Pn5180_Transmit/phhalHw_Pn5180_Receive and another is using phhalHw_Exchange. What is the difference between them and what function do they have?


(2) When receiving the data from PN5180, I think, IRQ is used. But I cannot find where the INT is detected and handler is executed in Library software coding. Could you tell me the mechanism to get the data from INT detection to putting them to buffer?


Very sorry to ask complicated questions every time and thank you for your supports!


Best regards,

   S. Miwa