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lgta pull up

Question asked by Roger Plantowsky on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Roger Plantowsky

We created a board with the MPC8349ECVVAJFB processor on it, but the signal

LGTA was not connected or pulled up.  Can we fix this by setting the LBCR( LPBSE ) bit to 1?

We will be using the GPCM with BR0 and OR0 to load flash at power up boot.  Currently

the board runs code then faults at the same address some times.  Below quoted from

MPC8349EA PowerQUICC II Pro Integrated Host Processor Family Reference Manual, Rev. 1.


"14 LPBSE Enables parity byte select on LGTA/LGPL4/LUPWAIT/LPBSE signal.

                  0 Parity byte select is disabled. LGTA/LGPL4/LUPWAIT/LPBSE signal is available for memory control as

                          LGPL4 (output) or LGTA/LUPWAIT (input).

                 1 Parity byte select is enabled. LGTA/LGPL4/LUPWAIT/LPBSE signal is dedicated as the parity byte select

                         output, and LGTA/LUPWAIT is disabled."


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