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Using USB dongle license from CW 4.6 in CW 5.2 under Win 7

Question asked by Christian Frick on Nov 9, 2016

Dear all

We were using CodeWarrior 4.6 on a Windows XP computer but had to change to Windows 7. Since CW 4.6 doesn't support Win 7, I installed "CodeWarrior Development Studio for the S12(X) Version 5.2, build 151127". It works fine but the license will end in 30 days.


We have two USB dongles and I tried to port their license to the new setup. Lmtools does correctly detect the USB dongle and is able to start the lmgrd service. But the service quits automatically after a very short time (around a second). However, CodeWarrior doesn't recognize the USB dongle.


Please find attached the license for the two USB dongles.


Is the license we bought for CW 4.6 valid for CW 5.2? If not, how much costs a new one?

Is it somehow possible to run CW 5.2 with the current USB dongles? Or do we have to change it to another kind of license?


Thanks a lot and best regards

Christian Frick

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