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Linux kernel hangs on i.MX6UL after early read of OTP registers

Question asked by Hector Palacios on Nov 9, 2016
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I need to read the values of some OTP registers early during kernel initialization.

I'm reading them at the end of the probe() function of the fsl_opt.c driver.

static int fsl_otp_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
     u32 reg;


     fsl_otp_read(0x22, &reg);
     printk("MAC0: 0x%08x\n", reg);
     return 0;


When I do this, the system hangs.

I tracked it down to the point where the OTP clock is disabled in the fsl_otp_read() function:


       return ret;

If I comment the clk_disable_unprepare(), the kernel goes on normally.

The function is basically writing a b00 to CCM_CCGR2[CG6], thus disabling the OTP clock.

If I don't do the early access, everything works fine, and even the sysfs access to OTP registers works without problems.

A similar code on the i.MX6 works ok, but not on the i.MX6UL.

I don't understand why disabling the OTP clock causes the kernel to hang.


I'm using kernel version: 4.1.15


+CC Fabio Estevam



Héctor Palacios