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Usage of PWM_OUT_TRIG0 on KV4X

Question asked by Florian Harmuth on Nov 9, 2016

Hello all,

currently I'm trying connect the signal PWM_OUT_TRIG0 (which is in my case the output of PWMA) to the input of PDB0. Due to the fact that I'm unable to get it work I have decided to do a little intermediate step. Therefore I'm trying to route the signal PWM_OUT_TRIG0 to XBAR0_OUT7 so that I'm able to measure it without success - the pin stays low.


I have attached the code which I'm calling directly from my main routine during the initialization. The only output I'm getting is the expected PWM on GD0. I'm running the tests on a TWR-KV46F150M board. Any hints or suggestions?


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