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How to Set and Reset I2C_LOCKED bit in NS_REG register inside Session Register, from I2C interface

Question asked by KF Choong on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by KF Choong

Hi Sir / Madam,

I encounter communication problem when NXP NTAG 1K communicate with peer NFC device.

My problem is I am not able to Set or Reset I2C_LOCKED bit in NS_REG register inside Session Register. From datasheet (NT3H1101/NT3H1201.pdf, page 27/65, Table 14), this bit can be Read and Write by I2C interface.


During peer NFC device(RF interface) has read the mirror SRAM in NXP NTAG 1K, NS_REG = 0xA9 or 0x29, NC_REG=0x7E.  For NS_REG = 0xA9, it means NDEF_DATA_READ = 1b, RF_LOCKED = 1b, SRAM_RF_READY=1b and RF_FIELD_PRESENT=1b. I can understand SRAM_RF_READY=1b because RF interface is read from Mirror SRAM, Not Mapped SRAM.  But, may I know why Memory is still lock to RF, as shown in RF_LOCKED = 1b ?  Doesn't it will change to RF_LOCKED = 0b and I2C_LOCKED = 1b ? Because RF interface has read the last page of Mirror SRAM Block, as this is correctly shown in NDEF_DATA_READ = 1b. 


Is the above phenomena also caused by RF interface reading from Mirror SRAM, NOT Mapped SRAM ?  Then, may I know after RF interface has read the Mirrored SRAM, how I2C interface able to write data again ?


As an attempt to solve above problem, I have try to manually write 1b to I2C_LOCKED.  But I am not able to write on this bit although datasheet mention that this bit is R&W from I2 interface.


During this experiment and observation, RF field is stable and constantly provided. In addition, Pass through and its direction is maintained as shown in NC_REG=0x7E reading.  Also, RF is successfully reading on the correctly configure SRAM MIRROR BLOCK address. 



Please advice soon.



Thank you very much for your help and advice.




KF Choong

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