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About UID changeable RF TAG

Question asked by CHANGBUM KIM on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by Kan_Li



I am using ICODE SLI for protecting our consumables.

768 bits RSA signature was written int the tag based on the UID and consumable type.

I thought that is enought to protect from copying our consumables.

But, someone made compatible consumables by copying our tag including UID.


I found UID changeable ICODE SLI tag in China market(Alibaba).

It means that anyone can make copy tag despite RSA signature.


I am considering changing tag to ICODE SLIX2 or ICODE SLI-S.

But, If there is uid changeable tags for these tags, it is meaningless.


My question is:

1. Is there uid changeable ICODE SLIX2 or SLI-S ?

2. How much easy to make uid changeable ICODE SLIX2 to SLI-S?

3. Which(SLIX2, SLI-S) is more diffcult to make uid changeable tag?


I am very appreciative any comments.


Thank you