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How to check which license.dat is referred by CodeWarrior for S12(X) Microcontrollers v5.x (classic)?

Question asked by Rhyme on Nov 8, 2016
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I have a customer who has purchased CodeWarrior for S12(X) basic edition annual update.


Although the license.dat seems to be generated OK, CodeWarrior does not seem to be

referring the license.dat and in the top line of the generated map file there is a word  "EVALUATION."


Even when I asked the customer to remove the license.dat from the CodeWarrior installed folder,

his CodeWarrior starts without problem, on the other hand when I tried the same my CodeWarrior

on my PC displays an error dialog noticing that there is no license file available and quit proceeding.


So I'm afraid that somehow on his PC, CWS12v5.x is referring another license file

or it is thinking that it is an evaluation version.


Would someone teach me following?

(Q1) Is/are there method to check which license file the CodeWarrior is accessing?

(Q2) Is/are there information hidden somewhere to tell the CodeWarrior that it an Evaluation version?


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Motoo Tanaka