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Standalone build for u-boot

Question asked by ranshalit on Nov 7, 2016
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In " Linux user's guide" it is said that for standalone u-boot and kernel, we can clone the source from git, and just make <>_defconfig, and make for build.

In " Yocto project user's guide" it is said that u-boot builds for sd by default and in order to change it it should be done by writing to local.conf , for example for qspi1:

 echo "UBOOT_CONFIG = \"qspi1\"" >> conf/ local.conf


In case we are doing a standalone build, how do I configure u-boot to build for the specific storage media (as done in yocto local.conf) ?


If I understand correctly no more configuration are required in source- code , (we are using evaluation board and using the correct defconfig file for the evaluation board) , Right ?