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The MPC8360E boot failure

Question asked by liu song on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by alexander.yakovlev

The MPC8360E boot failure
We use the MPC8360E chip in mass production, there has been a new problem, we urgently need your technical assistance.


Problem description:
MPC8360 can't booted,But it kept reading NorFlash(boot from NorFlash),I observed NorFlash's chip-select signal by oscilloscope,and compared the signal with other normal equipment.
Failure board: CS signal pulse width is very narrow.
Normal board: CS signal pulse width wider.
Test environment: The same boot files, the same material and configuration.
Test number: We produce 50pcs board,appear 2 of problems(the same situation) board and 48pcs normal board.