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SL3S4011 - access DownloadReg & ConfigWord

Question asked by alex kobzar on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by Kan_Li

Good day.
I am developing a system of identification of objects using RFID-Tag SL3S4011. I use the reader ERP RM-2 RF embedded stuff. Problem:
I can not change the value of Dovnload Registery and –°onfiguration Word or through RF interface, or through the I2C interface. Writing takes place without errors, but the register value remains unchanged. I consider that not all bits are available for recording. Reading of these registers occurs without errors. Writing and reading the other memory areas does not cause problems. My goal - to set the SCL INT ENABLE flag to record in DovnloadRegister caused an interruption in the I2C bus.
I would be grateful for your help.