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Steps to properly access the T2080 via CodeWarrior TAP

Question asked by Christian Kellermann on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Yiping Wang

I want to get familiar with the usage of the CodeWarrior TAP. The
Hardware I have available is a T2080RDB board.


The TAP is connected via USB on a Windows host.


The CodeWarrior Version is
 - CodeWarrior for Power Architecture
     Version: 10.5.1
     Build Id:160128


The connection from TAP <-> board is done via the correct adapter and
a 1:1 cable as shown on the Codewarrior TAP User Guide plugged into


The goal of this exercise is to access the Processor during the boot
stage, so don’t have a software project yet (thus „simulating“ board


What I have tried so far:


1. Opened a „CodeWarrior Bareboard Project“
2. Selected the T2080 / Type Application
3. Selected T2080RDB0-PCIe since the other option is only the
   T2080QDS, Download option „Default“, Connection Type „CodeWarrior
   TAP USB“ (which is correct)
4. Default Build Settings
5. Hit Finish
6. Build Project


I get the following error:


Error launching t-core00_RAM_T2080_Download
CCSProtocolPlugin : CCS: Cable disconnected
 [CCS last error: Cable disconnected (target power not detected) ]


My Questions:


How is this done correctly?
Where can I find Documentation on how to setup the connection properly?
Is there an example project to try out the CodeWarrior TAP?
Why is there no option to select the T2080RDB in step #3?


Thanks for your help!