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OV2640: Taking a picture?

Question asked by Armend Gecaj on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Armend Gecaj

Hi all,


i am working with Kinetis K60F MK60FN1M0 and the OV2640 camera.


Has anyone experience with the OV2640 camera?

I connected the camera with the microcontroller. I generated a XCLK signal with 10.5 MHz. I can talk to the camera with I2C Bus. So the communication works. But i get no VSYNC signal.


Have i to start taking picures? For example, something like "get Picture = ON". I did not find a command like that in the register of the OV2640 camera. 

i read that the camera automatically generate the VSYNC, HREF and PCLK signals if it gets the XCLK signal.

If that is true, then why i do not get a VSYNC signal?


Did someone work with the OV2640 camera?

Maybe someone can tell me how i get the VSYNC, HREF and PCLK signals.


Best Regards