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MC9S12E256 SCI reading problem

Question asked by Ingo_Michael on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by iggi

According to my last post down below, I figured out, my gsm module was in "command echo moode" (ATE).

I swiched it off with the command "ATE0"

Now, all work as expected.


With echo enabled "ATE1"



Without echo enabled "ATE0"



Hello experts,


I wrote a simple Programm to send the string "ATT" to a gsm modem. The modem answer should then be "OK CR LF".


Can anyone tell me why I see in the SCI0DRL Register a value of 54 and in the A Register a value of 41? (These are all HEX values, exept my ARRAY is in Symbolic view)

Why I getting the char "A" back from my modem instead of a "O"?

How can I clear the SCI0DRL Register after sending a Byte to my modem?

I am really confused....




Does anyone have an idea?