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Boot from USB0 and Download Program

Discussion created by damihuang huang on Nov 5, 2016

Dear NXP Support Team, 


We are developing a USB based multi-functional Virtual Instrument using LPC4370, just like Labtool. As our product has to be connected to the PC via USB to work, so we'd like to let it boot from USB0 and download program everytime when the board is plugged into PC. This will help us easily upgrade the MCU firmware as well as the PC app at the same time when new features be added or bugs be fixed.  


During R&D phase, we are using DFUsec to download program into LPC4370, it works fine. However, we want to integrate the program downloading act into our PC side software which is written with Labview. Following is current procedure we are using now:


1. The board is pin set to USB0 boot.

2. Plug the board into PC via USB port, and the board is enumerated as "LPC Based USB Device"

3. Download our program into LPC4370 using DFUsec's "HDR/RAW mode" and the board now is enumerated as "LPC USB VCOM PORT"

4. Our PC side program now can recognize the product and do communication with the board.


Now we'd like to integrate step 3 into our PC side program, when our PC program detected the "LPC Based USB Device", it can download the firmware into LPC4370 and start to run. Is it possible for NXP to support us to do this?