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Controlling the Media Clock

Question asked by Jan Deinhard on Nov 4, 2016
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for my bachelor's thesis I want to use two i.MX6UL Eval Kits to implement a demonstrator for low-latency streaming over IP using the AES67 standard. The eval boards are supposed to be the the audio sinks (receivers). I want to connect speakers to the analog audio out. The receivers need to be tightly synchronized with a PTP master clock which in this case is also the audio source (transmitter). I already know that the i.MX6UL supports IEEE1588 hardware time-stamping.



Is it possible to take control over the clock (Media Clock) that drives the audio codec using the eval boards? I would like to use the network clock (PHC) to drive the audio clock. That way I hope to achieve highly synchronized audio output. Any information is very welcome.


Please bear with me if this not the right place to ask.





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