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how to connect ov5642 camera module Pixel clock (8MHz) to imx6 quad

Question asked by Seba Seba on Nov 7, 2016



I am using i.mx6quad with debian jessie (3.14.60-fslc-imx6-sr).

I want co connect ov5642 camera module with PARALLEL 8BIT interface (using 8gpios for data and 3 for control signals).

I wrote a linux kernel module to service interrupts from control signals. Interrupts from VSYNC and HREF signals are serviced properly but when I connect a PCLK (about 8MHz) signal which is much faster than HREF or VSYNC my linux hangs up untill I disconnect a wire with PCLK (everything stucks).
To connect PCLK I use GPIO90 (DISP1_DATA22) but I tried also with other gpios.


Now My question is which GPIO should I use to service such fast signals like PCLK properly or what can i do to avoid linux hang ups ??


I include a linux kernel module code that I use.

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