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imx6 &  Quad SPI

Question asked by ranshalit on Nov 6, 2016
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We need to flash and boot from QSPI, but I can't see detailed description of how to achieve this.

I followed the Linux user guide, but I did not find in document how to create  " ARM Cortex-M4 image".


1. I can understand from document that this image is probably composed of u-boot, kernel and filesystem, but can't see how to create it.

2. It is said:

"U-Boot is loaded at the beginning of the QuadSPI memory so that the device can boot from it. The default configuration is that on boot up, U-Boot loads the kernel, DTB, and root file system from the SD/MMC card into DDRAM. The end user can change the default settings according to their requirements. More partitions can be added through the kernel command line. The following is an example of what might be added to the Linux boot command line"

Isn't the "ARM Cortex-M4 already contains u-boot, linux which boot from qspi ? Is there more documentation on this ?


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