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Custom display, IPU linux driver questions

Question asked by Robert Spriggs on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Robert Spriggs

We're using an iMX6DL and the board is based on the sabre design. It's an existing product, but so far we haven't made use of the VPU or IPU. We'd like to start streaming video out of the IPU into our FPGA. I'm using gStreamer and can decode a sequence of images from a video using imxvpudec and plug the output into imxipuvideosink. Reading back from /dev/fb0 I can see data is being written into the frame buffer, but hooking a scope to IPU DI pins shows no activity at all. We are using a custom linux build built by BuildRoot and uBoot. How do I go about configuring the display output of the IPU driver? (what files to edit etc.) OR am I going to have to write a new display driver and if so, is there an example of a custom display driver I can use for reference?


Note: changing the build system is not an option as this is an existing product with a very large code base.