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Can Pins Tool for iMX export IOMUX xml?

Question asked by Michel Verhagen on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Michel Verhagen

We have created tools that read and process IOMux xml output that we can now not use anymore because the IOmux tool has been deprecated by NXP.


After installing the new pins tool I have found that this tool does not export enough information to allow our tools to generate the files we need.


It would be absolutely great, from a backwards compatibility view, if Pins Tool can import and. most importantly, export IOMux style xml.


I've seen that in the installation folder \mcu_data\components\PinConnect\Drivers\i.MX\scripts\pins there are some java scripts that are used to export data.


Can/will NXP add "export to IOmux xml" functionality to the Pins Tool?


Has anybody done this already?


Is there anybody here we can hire to create this functionality for us?