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MPC8379 Sata driver problems

Question asked by Carles Silva on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by ufedor

I've developed a NVR using the MPC8379. We are using the four Sata interfaces to connect 4 Hard Disks. However I'm experiencing communication errors while reading high rates of information of those disks (For example while rebuilding a RAID)


The registers I've programmed are the following:

  • Serdes:
    • CPU_SRDS_RESTCTL --> 0x00444500
    • CPU_SRDS_RESTCTL --> 0x0000000F
    • CPU_SRDS_RESTCTL --> 0x00444500
    • CPU_SRDS_CR1 --> 0x00000000
    • CPU_SRDS_CR2 --> 0x00001414
    • CPU_SRDS_CR3 --> 0x15150505
    • CPU_SRDS_CR4 --> 0x00000808
    • CPU_SRDS_RESTCTL --> 0x80000000
  • SATA

    • CPU_SATA_H_CONTROL --> 0


    • CPU_SATA_CHBA --> 0x88AB102 

    • CPU_SATA_S_CONTROL --> 0x10030000
    • CPU_SATA_H_CONTROL --> 0x3F050080


I program the 2 SerDes and the 4 SATA interfaces with the same registers. While rebuilding one drive from another I suddenly get an error in a Read communication, where CPU_SATA_H_STATUS has the following value: 0x230100A0.


I have no clue in what am I doing wrong. In normal writing and reading from the Hard drives I'm not experiencing any problem, only while rebuilding systems.