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power control of lpc1768fbd100

Question asked by xu wang on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by xu wang

hi all,

  i want to make a low-power controller with lpc1768fbd100, the expacted power is :active state:4mA

;power-down state:80uA.the only wake up condition is external interrupt.

  i built a evaluate model,only has a ldo(tps709) and  lpc1768,no external  oscillator. power supply is 9V. the chip work frequency is 4.0MHz. i disable all Peripheral clock(except gpio) and bod. now the active power is 3.8mA, but the power down state power is 500uA. DataSheet of 1768 said the power-down state is 30uA. the difference is too far,  that is why?

  ps.static power of tps709 is 1uA.