Trigger A, B & C Occured error message - DEMOQE

Discussion created by Rodo55 on Jun 30, 2008
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I'm using a DEMOQE board with a QE8 MCU, Running CW 6.1 .
I'm receiving an error message Trigger A, B & C occurred when I run an RTC ISR program. It occurs after 103 loops through what should be an endless loop. Just before that the error message says the Freq. Changed to 0Hz. I suspect a memory over run but I don't see in my code where that is happening. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what and maybe where to look?
I have not set any triggers in the debugger either.
I attached a file with the code in case someone can see where I went wrong.
The error message is at the bottom of the file.
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