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CTS Failed on i.MX6QP SABRESD Android M6.0.1_2.0.0: android.cts.jank.ui.CtsDeviceJankUi#testScrolling

Question asked by Stone Hsu on Nov 2, 2016
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We have a project.

The resolution of our panel is 1920x1200 by using LVDS with dual channel.

For user experience, we modify ro.sf.lcd_density to 240(240dpi).

But this ScreenConfiguration causes our project to encounter the CTS failure on android.cts.jank.ui.CtsDeviceJankUi#testScrolling.


i.MX6QP SabreSD also encounters the same failure in the this configuration(resolution@1920x1200 + lcd_density=240).

Test BSP is Android M6.0.1_2.0.0.

CTS versin is 6.0_r9.

This issue can be duplicated easily by using i.MX6QP SabreSD with dual channel(resolution@1920x1080 + default lcd_density). 


The following information is the description of CTS report: 



testScrollingfailjunit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Too few frames received. Monitor: WindowContentFrameStatsMonitorImpl, Expected: 50, Received: 10. at
My test report and log is included in the attachment.


According to the NXP datasheet for  "IMX6DQIEC_QuadFor_Industrial.pdf" , we find NXP claim that it can support WUXGA. And the definition of WUXGA is 1920x1200.

So could you please check why testScrolling test fails due to the resolution of the display?


Thanks in advance.