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Re-Progaming eMMC

Question asked by bipul pandey on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by bipul pandey

Hi ,

I am trying to update my software Image

i am using windows embedded 7.0. the out is DSK file 

Currently, we have one tool provided by the customer, that tool dump(TFTP transfer) the data (.dsk) into RAM and from RAM whole data copies in eMMC  at the location 0x6400.when the system is restarted the data copied into RAM (0x80600000)and the system is booted 


But we can not use the tool for reflashing the software in future


So that I copied my whole image(.dsk) into the location of 0x70000 of eMMC (size of the image is around 124 MB)


from 0x70000 i copied the data into 0x6400 location ,

the crc32 is matched  when I calculated from 0x70000 and copied into 0x6400 location


when I restart the system data copied into RAM from 0x6400 to (0x80600000) and crc32 is matched again.


But my system is not booted


I used DSK and  nb0 file 


So please suggest what am I doing wrong