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Symbol could not be resolved, but build successful

Question asked by Hrvoje Erjavec on Nov 3, 2016
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is there a way to have the code organized like this, such that the s32 doesn't generate errors? The error reported will be

Symbol 'INCREMENT_STEP' could not be resolved.



#ifndef MAIN_C_
#define MAIN_C_
#include "main.h"

int main(void) {

      uint8_t counter;

      while(1) {

            counter += INCREMENT_STEP;



#endif // #ifndef MAIN_C_



#ifndef MAIN_H_

#define MAIN_H_

//global constant

#define GLOBAL 10

#ifdef MAIN_C_

//private constants


#endif // #ifdef MAIN_C_

#endif // #ifndef MAIN_H_


This is a legit code which will get built successfully, but the s32 will report an error since its "live compiler" isn't aware that the MAIN_C_ will be defined when main.c includes main.h. I don't want to suppress all errors, and I don't like suppressing all "symbol could not be resolved" errors. I know I can use #pragma for inline error suppression, but that would make the code messy. Any alternatives?