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Hexiwear_bluetooth IAR: TSI Failure

Question asked by Henry Christange Employee on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by vicentegomez


I tried to compile the Hexiwear_bluetooth IAR project

What I've done:

  • Download KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1
  • Download HEXIWEAR-SW
  • Replaced SDK files with files in KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1\KSDK_1.3.0 with ..\KW40\SDK modifications 
  • Added HEXIWEAR_bluetooth folder (HEXIWEAR-SW)  to example folder ../KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1\ConnSw\examples\bluetooth
  • Adapted argument variables: _KSDK_1_3_0_PATH_ and _KSDK_1_3_0_PATH_
  • build ..\KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1\KSDK_1.3.0\lib\ksdk_freertos_lib\iar\KW40Z4
  • build ..\KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1\ConnSw\examples\bluetooth\HEXIWEAR_bluetooth\frdmkw40z\FreeRTOS\build\iar


The build run deliveres the failure:


It is not surprising:

  • KW40 is specified with TSI=4
  • but in SDK 1.3.0 (fsl_tsi_v4_hal_specific.h) we have the definition:
    • typedef struct TsiConfig {
      tsi_electrode_osc_prescaler_t ps; /*!< Prescaler */
      tsi_external_osc_charge_current_t extchrg; /*!< Electrode charge current */
      tsi_reference_osc_charge_current_t refchrg; /*!< Reference charge current */
      tsi_n_consecutive_scans_t nscn; /*!< Number of scans. */
      tsi_analog_mode_select_t mode; /*!< TSI mode of operation. */
      tsi_oscilator_voltage_rails_t dvolt; /*!< Oscillator's voltage rails. */
      uint16_t thresh; /*!< High threshold. */
      uint16_t thresl; /*!< Low threshold. */
  •  the initialization:
    • tsi_op_mode.config.serres = module->rom->module_params.tsi->config->serres;
      tsi_op_mode.config.filter = module->rom->module_params.tsi->config->filter;
    • don't fit



  • Is my preparation process to use the example code right?
  • Which SDK is necessary?
  • What is wrong?


Thank you very much for help in andvance

best regards Henry