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Some clarification about the revision numbers?

Question asked by mkdomenico on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by mkdomenico

Hello support team,


I would like to ask you for some clarifications regarding the revision numbers of the datasheets and components. To this day, I have two different datasheets in my possession:


S32K144_RM_RevA, August 2015

S32K144 Reference Manual

S32K144_RM_Rev1, August 2016

S32K14x Series Reference Manual


According to the S32 production timeline however, there are two versions of the S32K144, the 1.0 and the 2.0 (and an updated 2.0), where the 2.0 is not yet available.


As IDE, I am using IAR but I also have S32DS on my computer. The IAR header file (S32K144.h) is at revision 1.2, referenced for:

KE1xP100M150SF0RM Rev. 0, Mar. 2015


In S32DS, with the IAR plugin, I have the revision 1.9, referenced for:

S32K144RM Rev. 1, Draft D, 10/2015


The microcontroller on the demo board I am using seems to conform to the revision A, being identified as 0N77P. Could you please tell my if the following matching table is correct?




IAR header

Rev A

Rev 1.0

Rev 0

Rev 1

Rev 2.0

Rev 1


Thanks a lot,