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PN7150 frontend not working

Question asked by Gilbert Tsai on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Massimo Santoli

Hi Expert,

We use K64F + OM5578/PN7150AR eval board for functional check. After this, we start to use KL17 integrating with PN7150. It seems KL17 can communicate with PN7150 thru NCI command thru I2C interface. But no work for frontend side, we notice no voltage on VDD(TX) & VDD(TX_IN) and 27.12MHz is not oscillation. From the user manual, there is CLOCK_SEL_CFG, the default is set to 0x11b (RFU). Could we send NCI command to switch to 0x00b (27.12MHz quartz). Or any point we have to take care with? Thanks for your kindly reply.