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How to enable KL17z PEx support in Kinetis Design Studio 3.2.0?

Question asked by Rodrigo N. Hernandez on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Rodrigo N. Hernandez

Hello there!

I'm new to ARM/Kinetis/KDS and actually having difficulties to add support for KL1x (KL17), uC in Processor Expert:


- I have installed KDS 3.2.0 straight from the installation file (no updates).

- I try creating a new Processor Expert Project but KL17 is not listed among options (just KL14Z, KL15Z & KL16Z are available)

- I browse Processor Expert Software, Microcontroller Driver |NXP And page says that Kinetis L series is supported.

- I click DOWNLOAD button and in the opening page:

      - I dont need installing "PEx-KINETIS-v3.0-PLUGIN-ECLIPSE_3.7-4.3 (REV 3.0.0)", it's already installed when I installed          KDS, that's right?

- In "Updates and Patches" I download "Processor Expert® for Kinetis® v3.0.2 update (REV 3.0.2)"

      - Now I'm bit confused about versions: I see the plugin 3.7-4.3 (REV 3.0.0) - although i didn't installed it - but a update          v3.0.2 (REV 3.0.2). Anyway:

- In KDS under Help->Install New Software->Add->Archive *select the downloaded update zip* (

- The package show in the windows I can select it but "Next" is grayed out. See picture below. I tried restarting KDS. It    works for other packages from the default internet links.


What is the correct procedure to have KL17 support in KDS PEx?

PicPaste - screen-AKqeiHKI.png