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How reading serial port with AS1_ReceiveBlock method?

Question asked by jefferson ferreira palheta on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Robin_Shen

The Serial_LDD component, from Processor Expert, has a AS1_ReceiveBlock method to receive data on serial Rx but I can't receive the correct data that I'm send to that. This method AS1_ReceiveBlock(LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr, LDD_TData *BufferPtr, uint16_t Size) should put the reading value to the attribute passed to the pointer BufferPtr but it doesn't work and I just got trash. I'm not have problem with AS1_SendBlock, just with receive.


Do you know an efficient way to read serial port with this component? I wouldn't like to use Console IO with printf and scanf because the serial methods on Console IO component are blocker. The methods that reading and write have a loop that wait for send and receive and in my project I can't to have this kind of blocker.